Product IDRS22
Product NameMarkins Titanium Spikes RS22

Available Now in Limited Quantities!

Replaces screw-on rubber feet of Gitzo tripods or any tripod with 3/8" screw-in stock feet. Made of extremely durable titanium and engineering plastic, ideal for outdoor or wildlife photographers. Comes with rubber shoes for indoor use.

- Improve stability and reduce vibration
- Made of high quality titanium for ultimate strength
- New easy installation: just unscrew the existing rubber feet and screw in
- Comes with a set of rubber shoes for indoor use
- Must have for outdoor photographers

- Supported Tripods: Gitzo GT2530LVL, GT2530EX, GT2931EX, GT2530, GT2540 series, GT2931, GT3530, GT3540, GT3540L, GT3530S, GT3540LS, GT3530LSV, GT3540XLS, GT5540LS and discontinued models such as G1257...


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Price $1,120.00